ChadCo Companies, Consulting and Legislative Liaison

In 1976, Chad Dornsife established Chad & Company as a manufacturer's representative firm covering western North America and Canada. Since, we morphed into a multifaceted international marketing, consulting, research, design, production and distribution channel development firm. Chadco also has several proprietary products and brands we manufacture or distribute.

In the last 40 plus years we have been intimately involved in hundreds of international and domestic projects: medical, mining, environmental, public safety, automotive, trucking, fleet, track and off-road racing, lighting, driver fatigue and distracted driving, vehicle and highway safety, personal ballistic protection and vehicle armoring as well as clothing, consumer and sporting goods. The breadth of our experience has become an invaluable resource for our clients and partners.

Further, Chad volunteers his time as the Executive Director of the "Best Highway Safety Practices Institute". A 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to assuring that highway safety policies and practices are based solely on emperical data and vetted best practices.

In support of BHSPI, National Motorists Association and others Chad is an expert witness, spokesperson and legislative liaison.